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EDBAK Partners with StreetCo to Create Immersive LED Wall Project at Montparnasse Tower

EDBAK, a leading professional LCD and LED screen structure manufacturer based in Poland, is proud to announce its collaboration with StreetCo, an AV integrator, on an extraordinary project at Montparnasse Tower in Paris. The project involved the creation of an immersive indoor LED wall, transforming the tower’s 56th floor into a captivating historical experience for visitors.

In partnership with Timescope, a pioneer in content creation and immersive environments specializing in Virtual Reality (VR), StreetCo embarked on an innovative venture. Timescope’s expertise in crafting digital narratives for cultural sites and brands merged seamlessly with StreetCo’s AV integration capabilities to bring a unique vision to life.

The objective was to enhance the visitor experience at Montparnasse Tower, the tallest European tower with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Before undergoing a substantial 5-year renovation, the tower’s management sought to create an unforgettable experience for visitors. Timescope’s idea was to use a giant LED screen to showcase the evolution of Paris through the ages, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s history while enjoying modern Paris through the tower’s glass windows.

The challenge was to design a support structure for the LED screen that maximized screen size while maintaining minimal intrusion. EDBAK’s expertise came to the forefront, providing an ingenious solution. EDBAK’s thin yet robust wall brackets, with a mere 6cm thickness, were chosen to accommodate the LED wall, allowing only an 11cm overall thickness for the impressive 15m2 P1.9 LED wall.

Considering the public space setting, where the LED wall could be interacted with, EDBAK and StreetCo took extra measures to ensure durability. A protective layer, known as Glue on Bord (GOB) technology, was incorporated to shield the LED panels from potential damage.

The collaboration extended beyond visuals to audio as well. The sound system was seamlessly integrated, enhancing the immersive experience. Visitors not only witness the captivating visuals but also become part of an all-encompassing auditory journey, enhancing the overall impact.

The video processor utilized in the project, the VX1000 from Novastar, empowers flexibility in content display. This versatility allows Montparnasse Tower to switch between Timescope’s historical videos and other content, catering to diverse events and occasions hosted in the tower.

The realization of this project involved meticulous planning, with a project lead time of 3.5 months, including 2 months for production and 1.5 months for transportation.

EDBAK, StreetCo, and Timescope truly united their expertise to transform Montparnasse Tower into a realm where history and modernity converge seamlessly.

The effect of this synergy is great.

See the timelapse to get the full picture of realisation (YouTube):