We offer the production of technological transport systems tailored to the client’s requirements and needs. Our capabilities includes conveyors:


Belt conveyors


Roller conveyors


Plate conveyors


Mesh conveyors


Special conveyors for the food industry

System Advantages:

Increase in throughput at checkpoints

The EDBAK roller table system significantly improves throughput at passenger control points. At Frederic Chopin airport in Warsaw, the average number of passengers checked increased from 1.26 people per hour to 1.50 people per hour and in seasons of heavy traffic, up to 211 people per hour, at an average table length of 6m. When the system was extended before the X-ray device to 12m. the throughput increased up to 270 people per hour.

Work ergonomics

The use of the EDBAK roller system increases the ergonomics of security control services. Thus, it improves the work efficiency of airport personnel.

Ease of assembly

EDBAK roller tables are easy to assemble. The entire system can be installed by two people and the installation time will not exceed 3 hours.

Designed according to individual needs

EDBAK technological transport systems are designed according to the individual needs of each client. Close cooperation from the planning and design phase to the final installation at the destination ensures failure-free solutions. In addition, the after-sale service guarantees full satisfaction of our customers.

Adaptation to infrastructure conditions - modularity

Modularity is a very important feature of EDBAK roller tables. This greatly facilitates the configuration of devices depending on the conditions of the airport infrastructure.


Our conveyors are used in the following industries: chemical, aerospace, medical, electronics, they are ideal for sorting, packing, assembling as well as testing and quality control.

Implementation at Chopin Airport in Warsaw