Social Responsibility

Edbak is a globally recognizable brand that doesn’t forget about its immediate surroundings. As a mature and responsible company, we proudly support our local community through financing or organizing fundraising for charity.

Cultural events – Edbak proudly supports the local community by participating in various social and cultural events. . We provide financial assistance for artists, support the organization of local events and co-finance the infrastructure of local cultural centres.

Szlachetna Paczka – Employees of the company framed, collected funds, bought and packed in gift packages: necessities, ADG equipment and electronics for selected families from our region.

Young talent – it is said that young people are the future, that’s why we regularly support young talents! Young artists and even professional athletes benefit from our help!

Numerous sports competitions – we are happy to assist in organizing local sports competitions. We finance the organization of the competition and make cups for the winners ourselves! We helped organize the Weightlifting Cup of the Lublin Staroste Memorial, Wacław Czurak Memorial, Edbak Cup indoor soccer tournament for local youth teams, and many more besides.