Every entrepreneur/company has its Holy Grail the search for which gives deep meaning to the business and to some extent determines long-term success.

The audio visual industry has an event on its calendar that is the perfect answer to this issue.

Integrated Systems Europe 2023

January 31, 2023 marks the beginning of one of the most important fairs related to the audio visual industry. It’s a space for some 900 exhibitors, ranging from pioneering companies to those already well associated to truly great brands. Icons. Leaders. EDBAK.

ISE is synonymous with prestige and tradition.

Barcelona invites you for the second time. A year ago, it brilliantly proved that it fully deserves to be called the capital of AV. For four days, the city turned into a digital cultural melting pot. It was even more bustling (and this is Barcelona, after all!) – there were more than 40,000 visitors from 150 countries. Excellent atmosphere and, above all, the exchange of technological ideas and ideas creating new investments and business.

EDBAK is a regular Exhibitor at this important fair. For years.

When I think back to what happened during the last edition, I get a little emotional.
The visitors, the Partners, the climate, the business relationships, ah! Honestly, the Edbak booth was one of the most vibrant. This shows a lot.
It also obliges 🙂

This year we have 90 square meters of pure joy for you 🙂

Just leaving our factory are pallets of AV products, and a small shy pallet of catering 😉

Enjoy a coffee, a cookie, a fudge, something fizzy. If you know what I mean.

I only know one thing, everyone will find their way to our booth. Remember it well: 3S150

We look forward to seeing you there.
See you in Barcelona. Attendance is mandatory😊

Ah! One more very important thing.

We have a fresh catalogue for you. Download it

The rest of the take-home surprises in Barcelona.

A very, very illustrative view of our booth 🙂