In the face of changes, EDBAK decided to ensure safety in public space by introducing a new series of ProClean hand disinfection products to the market. The classic design and solid construction allows it to fit into any environment.

ProClean is available in two versions: free-standing and wall-mounted, and in two colors: metallic and white. The advantages of the products are:

➡ Contactless service
➡ Infrared motion sensor
➡ Liquid dispensed automatically
➡ Solid metal construction
➡ Mains supply
➡ Large, comfortable hand pocket
➡ Classic design, matching any environment

Solutions dedicated to:

➡ Shops and shopping malls
➡ government offices and other offices
➡ Hospitals and medical centers
➡ Colleges and universities
➡ Gas stations
➡ Restaurants
➡ Stations and airports

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