Processing of pipes and profiles

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

We offer a comprehensive laser processing service for pipes and profiles, maintaining a perfect ability to repeat the parameters of the manufactured elements. Highly qualified employees ensure accurate guidance of the cutting stream, which, combined with an excellent and stable vibration-resistant laser device, guarantees the highest quality cutting of pipes and profiles.

Pipe and profile cutting service:

Pipe diameter: 16 mm -225 mm

Square cross section: max 160 mm x 160 mm

Rectangular cross section: min 16 × 16, max 200 × 100 mm

Maximum workpiece length: 6300 mm

Maximum workpiece weight: 35 kg / linear meter

Maximum wall thickness: black steel 8-10 mm, aluminum 8 mm, stainless 8 mm, bronze 5 mm, copper 8-10 mm


The service is performed on the following machines: Adige LT9 Combo Fiber

Bending pipes and profiles

We offer high quality pipe and profile bending services. Our high-class bending machines guarantee accuracy, speed and the ability to repeat production. Our qualified staff will enable you to accomplish virtually any task.

Pipe and profile bending service:

Max profile size: Ø80 mm or 50 × 50 mm

Bending radii inwards: from R 1D

Roll bending: from R 12


The service is performed on the following machines: SOCO SB-80x4A-3SV