Among the various Spanish proverbs, there is one that I really appreciate:

A quien árbol se arrima buena sombra le cobija.

Literally translated, it means that whoever approaches a good tree is sheltered by good shade. As interpreted, it means nothing more than that friendship with stronger people than us can bring us great benefits.

Why am I writing about it?

Because both in life and in business it is crucial to be with people who are stronger than us. Wiser. Much more experienced. Something along the lines that a person is an outgrowth of the five people he is most often with.

Isn’t it a wonderful discovery? 😊

It is. Great and challenging.

EDBAK once again appeared at ISE as an exhibitor.
And that’s what I call “approaching a good tree.”

ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

It can be said that we are recognized and associated on a global scale and let’s face it – appearing alongside legendary brands is both an honor and a distinction. Let’s be honest now – not each company in the industry can afford such a daring venture. And here such a small-big manufacturer from Poland. Such Edbak.

That’s not all!

Will you be surprised when I tell you that there was an excellent atmosphere at the EDBAK 3S150 booth this year as well? That Guests from the industry, from the competition, were coming to us? That we have hosted our Distributors spread all over the world and that we already have two new ones? That there was no shortage of anything from fudge, liqueur to Polish beer, stately bison to the author’s “tapolki”?

Spain has TAPAS and Edbak has TAPOLKI – such you know sandwiches with a Polish gesture. Delicious!

You didn’t know about it – such an ot surprise 😊 Atmosphere truly Made in Poland – that is, not to be imitated.

What’s more?

Much more.

Both the ISE organizer and exhibitors proved that audio visual fairs are just gaining momentum, that such events are very much justified and needed.

According to Follow the Leader*, ‘ISE 2023 set a new record for visitors on opening day, unprecedented at any previous edition’.


The Barcelona fair is almost 57,000 square meters of space occupied by exhibitors, it is more than 58,000 unique visitors. ‘ISE is the unique content displayed on monitors and media at this year’s edition’, and finally, it is the unique culmination of the inspiring work of integrators from around the world, their commitment, interesting projects, and impressive investments for the benefit of the AV industry.

Speaking of crowning… You won’t believe it!

One of the unusual, not to say groundbreaking surprises at the fair was the visit of King Philip VI of Spain. This took place on Tuesday – the first day. On Thursday, meanwhile, the Catalan President himself visited the fair.

Can a greater honor and sealing of the importance of the ISE be imagined?

We leave you with a handful of photos of what happened in Barcelona. The rest we treasure in memory. Meanwhile we dive into work with the projects and numerous initiatives we discussed together.

Let the EFFECT of ISE 2023 resonate in our business.