“Nothing is permanent except change”. This was written by Heraclitus of Ephesus, and we still agree today, especially with the tremendous rates of change we see. The market is changing, the business environment is developing, and customer needs are evolving, so our company needs to change too.


A step forward

We continue to seek new solutions and development opportunities, an inspiration to create ever better products in terms of their functionality and looks. We keep growing, expanding what we offer and entering new European and global markets. Our recognisability is improving as well, although such a market position brings its own obligations: our image needs to be flawless. This is why we decided to rebrand.


A new logo

In recent years, our logo has undergone a series of minor and major alterations. Recently, though, we have been using only the logotype, which is a graphic presentation of the company’s name with no additional elements. Now it is time to redesign all the elements of the logo from scratch: the graphics, logotype and description. We have done our best to create a logo according to the latest trends in design, while still associating it with its previous form. In considering our brand, we felt that the difference is too great between what we do and how we look. The word “Edbak” is no longer enough.

The symbol refers to our products and industry. On the one hand, it is associated with material processing, such as the milling, bending and repetitive work processes characteristic for the conveyors we produce, while on the other it relates to the handle fixing systems for which we are recognised.


The logotype uses a technical font, designed specifically for us, and which refers to the industry in which we operate.


The tagline (claim) is a promise to our clients and contractors. We always try to listen to their needs and to provide them with the best solutions.



Visual Identification System

Along with the new logo, the Lublin-based company, Industi Software & Branding, has also developed a visual identification system for us. All our materials now include a characteristic brand pattern based on the contour of the graphic mark. The entire system is supported by an additional colour, pacific blue, indicating the processes of entering new markets and overcoming borders – even the sea.



If you change, change for the better

Change is not always easy, sometimes we meet resistance from concerned groups. People question why these changes are necessary or needed. But if we do not move forward, we are actually moving backward, and we cannot afford that. We hope the market will perceive this change as a good step forward.