We respect every employee and customer. We take the time to listen carefully and talk in partnership. We support each other and are one team with a common goal. Thanks to the synergy effect, we operate in an organized, consistent and effective manner. We enjoy working together and succeeding together – thanks to this we are achieving a strong leadership position in the market and becoming a dynamically recognized brand. It ennobles.

We involve staff in decisions regarding the operation of the entire production facility. Each employee takes responsibility for the activities in his or her area of responsibility (extreme ownership). This translates into greater commitment and motivation – as a result, employees participate proactively in the authentic development of the company.

We have been uninterruptedly perfecting the craftsmanship that poses so many challenges to the industry for 30 years. We are constantly looking for new ways to develop, train our employees diligently, improve and optimize our production processes. We are strong locally and recognized globally. It fills us with pride and humility. We continue to look for new markets and develop new products. We invest in modern technology while keeping tradition in mind.

We strive for set goals and conscientiously adhere to mutually agreed upon rules. We always relate respectfully to other people, colleagues, customers and suppliers. We are well aware that the company is made up of people, so we make sure that every employee of the organization is in the right place, feeling irreplaceable. This approach integrates and engages the entire plant community and in the eyes of our business partners we are a reliable manufacturer and provider of excellent solutions.

We strive to be a creative and innovative organization in terms of the products and solutions we offer. We make every effort to ensure that production technology is at the highest level and the company is managed in an ethical, economical and modern way. We create useful products and solutions that connect people with technology. We support the future.